Private events

We are on your side to organise events that will punctuate your life as a couple and thus create unique and memorable moments.

Faites vous accompagner pour organiser la plus belle demande en mariage
Wedding planner en Provence Occitane

to engagement proposal

Your proposal is a memorable and exciting experience.

We are here to help you every step of the way to plan a proposal that will remain unforgettable !

Wedding planner en Provence Occitane

to engagement party

It’s a chance to show off your love story and an occasion to celebrate with family and friends, it will set the tone for the big event to come. We will make your party one to remember.

Organiser votre fête de fiançailles et annoncer l'heureux évènement à vos amis et familles
Organisons un enterrement de vie de jeune fille ou jeune garçon mémorable à vos amis, frère, sœur
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to Hen/Stag party

We will help you to plan your perfect party and create lifelong memories with your friends. We pride ourselves on making the last blowout something extra special for you.

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to your elopement

Just the two of you or with loved ones by your side, we would be delighted to help you plan your intimate elopement. We create an extraordinary and unforgettable moment for you

Mariez-vous à votre image en organisant ensemble votre elopement et une cérémonie en toute intimité
Organisons un Gender Reveal Party original pour dévoiler le sexe de votre futur bébé à votre famille et vos amis
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To gender reveal party

Finding out the sex of your baby is very exciting, and telling your family and friends is an experience you will never forget. There are many ways to make the big reveal and we will help you choose the one that suits you best.

Wedding planner en Provence Occitane

to Baby Shower

Welcoming a new member to your family is a precious moment so we design and plan baby showers that will be truly special to you and your baby, creating an experience that you will share with your friends and family.

Organisatrice de Baby Shower originale autour du Gard en Provence Occitane
La baptème de rêve pour votre enfant organisé par notre agence en toute confiance
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to Christening of your child

A day full of emotions, a symbolic new beginning for your little one, while having a great opportunity to throw a lovely party. We love to set the scene for a great baby party, tailored to your wishes.

Wedding planner en Provence Occitane

to an original birthday

A birthday party is a celebration planned to create a magical experience and truly unforgettable moments, every aspect is designed to create a memorable and special occasion.

Notre agence organise les anniversaires de vos amis ou familles en Provence Occitane

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